Oil on canvas.  Size : 5′ x 7′  Price: £1,250.00p

A re-worked painting entitled ‘!9.8.91’ …The original painting sat in my studio for over ten years, leaning against the wall.I knew in my mind it was unfinished, despite it being exhibited at the Glasgow Print Studio, The Seagate Gallery. Dundee (1993/4) and  A3 Gallery I Moscow, 1996. The subject matter is a piazza in Rome the night Boris Yeltsin made his putsch in Moscow. at 2 ….people rushing around saying ‘O my god have you heard the news?!!). My thoughts immediately went out to my close friends in Moscow… What you see here is the result of painting it upside down (then digitally reversing it). Italy becomes Russia.The city of Leningrad I visited in 1990 was about to be reclaim its original name. I used to walk past a a sign on a barge on the nearby River Wey whose refection in the water looked uncannily like Cyrillic.

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