Two imaginary local paper posters with graffiti drainpipe bidding farewell to an ex-colleague I worked with on the Foundation Course at City College, Brighton. It forms part of ¬†book complied of dedications from people who knew him. Greg was a real virtuoso photo shop artist (amongst other things) and produced some outstanding photographs that exploited photomontage possibilities in a poetic, witty manner. Search out his magnificent LP Covers Project exhibited at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. He got to do Trout mask Replica himself but promised me he’d include my ‘LP Choice’ in the follow up show. A consolation was my stuffed weasel did make it on the ‘re-cover’ of Zappa’s album.

During lunchtimes drinking copious cups of coffee and evening drinking copious amounts of wine and beer we shared our love for Captain Beefheart: our mentor since our early teens. I think Greg would have given one of his big grins this pseudo Argus poster. I kick myself that instead of the ampersand it should have been ‘N . Nevermind, it was done in an emotive state and to a tight deadline. Distant cousins, they’re in limited supply. Rest in peace Greg.

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