Laura Marling, Swimming To Raise Money For Syrian Refugees and Leo Santos Shaw

Posted on Aug 19, 2012

Recent photo taken of dear friend Leo Santos Shaw, artist-designer, in Brighton’s dankest Swimming Club. Known by fans of singer-songwriter Laura Marling as the enigmatic swimmer in her pop video ‘Rambling Man’. Leo back then was then sporting a Bonnie Prince Billy-esque beard and moustache, though always looking uniquely LSS. What many don’t know is that Leo very recently took part in a sponsored cross Channel relay swim to raise money for a Syrian refugee charity. The hat, incidentally, is the baton each swimmer mid Channel handed ┬áto one another that amazing day. It’s one of the hundreds of bizarre findings Leo makes diving under the Brighton Pier. Sitting to his left is a curious furry creature on a rusty spring, which we guess is from one of the pier’s shooting arcades from around the time when real Pinkys were idling their ┬átime and then tossing over the side.