Chine colle unique zinc etching

‘[His] spaces – landscapes filled with cumulative incidents and curiosities, under skies in which birds plummet or fly upside down, or ruined cities float, casting shdows on the plain-are metaphysical, the figures grotesques as often as they are portraits; but the outcome is ultimately a modernist, increasingly expressionist, realism that fuses the personal and the political. The prints deal with relationships but often the focus is wider. There are occasions when the political invades our sense of surroundings like a private grief, either through immediate realities all around us, or through far-away events so vital as to escape the consumerism involved with the consumption of the news; when the personal is shadowed by great events.

Our mad, dislocated times need a language which combines alienation with intensityof feeling, reality with imagination, public and private; which merges, rather than opposing, anger and humour, tenderness and savagery.’ Alan Woods -extract from the catalogue Paintings. Prints, Drawings¬†¬†

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